Craft & Quality

A bespoke experience. Only the best for our pets.

Every collar is customized specifically for your dog so there aren’t any loose, dangling straps. Our collars are the perfect size every time.

We craft our pieces with a time-honored tradition of saddle stitching that dates back hundreds of years. Each stitch is meticulous made by hand, and it's much stronger than a machine-made stitch (it's no wonder why the designer brand’s leather craftsmen use the same saddle stitch for their accessories).

Why is our method more durable?

When a machine-made stitch is broken, one split thread is enough to unravel several stitches, causing both sides of the piece to loosen. That's a disaster waiting to happen for any dog owner!

The saddle stitching that Bearytail Leather Co. uses is hand stitched for increased durability. When a thread is broken, our stitches only loosens on one side of the material while the other interlocking thread holds the opposite side in tact! As an added bonus, our threads are coated in wax to place more friction between threads and prevent slippage.

With professional-grade tools, we finish our accessories with detailed creasing for that picture perfect touch. Stressed leather that is bent and twisted will crack over time. The fine creases we lovingly and painstakingly etch by hand serves as a built-in safety feature to stop wear and tear in its tracks.

Why Leather?

Leather is about more than just aesthetics. It’s about function, durability, and customized comfort for your beloved pup.

Latigo is main leather we use on our collars and leashes. Latigo is a combination of chrome tanned and vegetable tanned leather. Not only is our hand-selected Latigo leather extremely strong, but it is also bio-degrable! Over time, your dog’s natural oils will condition the Latigo leather into a soft, buttery smooth texture without sacrificing the material’s strength. In the long run, it will last for generations to come, it’s a cost-effective product that just makes sense.

At Bearytail Leather Co., we don’t compromise functionality for fashion. Our mission is to have both work together in harmony to a create hand-crafted pieces that are second to none.

Collars are one of the most valuable methods of identifying and securing your beloved pup, which is why we invest in strong, high-quality materials to endure the test of time. All of our materials are sourced exclusively in the United States. For the luxury, comfort, and strength you won't find anywhere else, visit our beautiful collections.


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