Our Story

The best lessons to learn are often the hardest. Our story began with the tale of a beloved, but lost dog, Simone.

Simone was a beautiful cocker spaniel with a shiny coat the color of chestnuts. She had us completely charmed from the first day, playful and loving. Simone was a joy to be around and brought a smile to our faces whenever she was in the room. We taught her tricks and were proud of her accomplishments when she succeeded. Simone had a mind of her own and could tell whenever someone needed a good puppy snuggle.

But we were extremely irresponsible owners, Simone never wore a collar nor was she microchipped. It worried us that the collar was too uncomfortable for her, and the thought of an invasive microchipping procedure was even more unbearable. We didn't want to dampen Simone's joyful spirit. So we just...didn't do it.

Five years later, the day before Christmas Eve, a door was left open. We never saw Simone again.

It was a heartbreaking lesson to learn, one that I, (founder of Bearytail Leather Co.) keep with me to this day...

It wasn't until years later that I gained the courage to adopt my own dog, Toni Toni (Toto). I was instantly smitten with Toto's mischievous personality. This time, I made sure to do everything right, I will not risk the chance of ever losing another dog...

As a designer and lover of luxury goods, I value beauty and high quality materials. Like many others, I was disappointed with search after search of machine-stitched leather goods that delivered none of the durability and quality they promised. But...finding a collar that was comfortable, durable, and unique was harder than trying to teach a puppy to ignore a squirrel.

The solution? Create my own!

After my first piece, I fell in love with handling leather, it is such a therapeutic experience. My inspiration comes from many elegant, timeless designer brands--from their quality to the level of their leatherwork techniques. My passionate dedication to refining my craft is also born from my undying love of dogs, and not just my own. With every purchase, a portion of those proceeds go to benefit Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation and help give dogs a second chance at a loving home. #TheCompassionProject

We don’t compromise functionality for fashion. Our mission is to have both work together in harmony to a create beautiful accessories for your beloved dogs that are second to none. Our pursuit of perfection is your gain.

For the luxury, comfort, and strength you won't find anywhere else, visit our beautiful collections.



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